Dafuq you looking at bro


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If I were to RP as young!Nobel Michel (time travel style), who would RP with me?

Oh oh oh, I didn’t forget about the giveaway prizes by the way

I’m just not doing them this month yet, so sorry for the wait x3

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Warm up doodle of the day

It’s Nathiki! Based on this post~

Boss Atsumu wants to fight!

Welp, its almost midnight, so I’m calling it a night.

Thanks so much to whoever were the anons tonight, it was really nice to have people interested in me :P 

Goodnight dears ^^

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Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity!

I’m a good listener

If I can/know how to help someone out, I will, which I think is a nice trait

I’m amazing at balancing stuff 

If I put my mind to it, I can quickly learn new things

I’m… creative?



*throws a box of tissues after your ascending form* YOU’RE LEAVING A BLOOD TRAIL!!!!

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HI AMY! How's life? Is everything well? Are you seeing anyone? Are you craving chocolate? Do you have any pets? What's your favorite otome game ever? Do you like voltage or ntt solmare more? Do you have any favorite indie otome games or companies? What's your favorite type of guy for otome games?

Hey anon! Life’s been okay, a bit tiring, but nothing serious to worry about! How about you?

Yep, still seeing my boyfriend of a year ^^  I am not really craving chocolate since I ate a little too much (way too much) easter chocolate :P

I have two cats, Pol and Yuki (plottwist; yuki’s black), I got both of them from a shelter when they were fairly young, but not kittens anymore. Pol’s the laziest cat you’ll ever meet and Yuki is this hyperactive little thing with a paw that’s grown sideways. It doesnt bother him though. 

My favorite otome game changes from time to time and I got to say, I’ve recently been addicted to BMP again^^ My all time favorite will probably be LLFTX though.

I used to love Solmare more than Voltage, but they’re pretty much on an even line again now. Solmare’s been pooping out games more than I can play, and so has Voltage, and I cant keep up with all the new routes that are playable now!

Since most indie otome companies only have one or two games out, I can’t really pinpoint my favorite. I really liked Halloween otome from Synokoria, but older indie companies like Sakevisual and Cyanide Tea also hold my interest with the new games they’re making. I just really love indie companies in general since they produce high quality games most of the time. Sometimes I feel we don’t appreciate indie companies enough, because their games are so good and they’re kind enough to share for little to no money! So for all the indie companies out there, a big thumbs up!

I usually go for the megane (glasses) character, if they don’t show sadistic and/or negative behavior. Buuuuut since there aren’t always characters with glasses, I go for the goofy type or calm type first as well.

So many questions, thank you so much *o*


AWESOME!  No but really, I love you for saying this :D

Headcanon time; while I love his flamboyant and sometimes goofy behavior, I just imagine his voice resembling something like Christopher Lee’s voice, to balance out his obvious gayness, yeah? Like… here, this screenshot;

Imagine him purring that in your ear  whilst hugging you(since he hugs you a lot in this scene). Just imagine.

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do you have any favorite art blogs or favorite fanart of otome guys?

daeva-agasfortykoubuns, hikarunohana, and lntellectual!  There are definitely more, but these are the ones I can remember from the top of my head xD As for favorite arts…. Anything with my favorite characters in them, really. 

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Who are your 3 favorite otome guys? Who are 3 you really wish you could date? Do you have any favorite fanfics or rpers??

dateable or can I also include nondateables? If only dateable… then…..

Atsumu(llftx), Rein(10dwmd) and Noel (sitsc) „„, iiiiiiif I can go with non-dateables, then Daniel (mfw, Ren’s butler), Pierre (BMP for Gree) and Hitoshi (mfw, Kuni’s right hand man) 

I have a ton of favorite RPers, but I never really RPed with anyone besides nerwanprinceleonardo on this account. I used to have RP accounts for Daniel and King Tamir, and RPing with all the OCs from the voltage fandom was a blast! So yeah, I have both character RPers and OC RPers I like, so I cant give a clear answer, sorry!

As for favorite fanfic… my all time favorite is probably Ma Petite by otomefanfics. I just love it to pieces, and it was inspired by one of my posts ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Thank you so much for asking, this was really fun to answer (*´∀`*)

I don’t know.

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