Welp, one of the parts of my mac MELTED, and it takes at least 2 weeks to be replaced.

I mean, I was aware there was something wrong with the temperature when it showed -1326332736 degrees, but a part actually melting, just wow.

What does that mean for my activity here? Well, still got an iphone and ipad, so I dunno. I’ll be lurking.


Name: Daniel
From: My Forged Wedding
Age: 44
Bad Habit: Making everything broccoli flavored
Likes: Japanese culture and his ocarina
Occupation: Butler to Prince Ren

Yo more OCs I’m never going to use and apparently forgot to post.

Julian and Thomas, ladies and gents.

I remember someone asking me to draw myself as Daniel or something like that… Welp. It’s not a drawing but a selfie after a day of intense wind in my hair. Do I look enough like him?

I finally found myself some leather gloves for cheap that fit and I am seriously so happy right now because I never find gloves that fit me (apart from the kids section, boo), leave alone actual leather gloves.

so yay, picture.


obsessionaboutillusions AMYYYY LOOK AT THE UKULELE TABS I FOUND.

So basically, you saw this song and thought of me? Haha, awesome xD 

Are you going to learn how to play it? :D

What if you put a photoset of blank pngs in a tag.

How long will people stare at it to load, perhaps even click on it because that helps sometimes, only to realize that

"you son of a bitch, there’s nothing to look at" 


lntellectual’s 1000+ Followers Giveaway

General Rules:

1. I’ll pick a first, second and third place winner by using a random number generator

2. You get more chances of winning by reblogging AND liking. 

3. The request has to be voltage. But I’ll be lenient if you don’t want voltage haha.

4. PLEASE BE PATIENT. (That’s all I can ask for.)

5. If you win I’ll contact you. Therefore, please have your ask open. HOWEVER, if you don’t respond within 3 days within contacting you, I will generate another number again and give the prize to someone else. Please don’t give me the excuse of “ohh my tumblr ate my messages on my ask” because remember I also post the winners on my blog. Not to mention, I will give you an ask for every day you don’t respond. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m only being fair. 

  • Reminder: I do post giveaways on my blog.
  • For artworks: If you want a high resolution file or a process video just ask me :D.
  • If you don’t want your request to be posted just let me know.

6. If you win and  you choose the phone case OR the plush, I need your shipping info. (No I won’t send your info to the Voltage Gods as sacrifices.)

7. You gotta think Saeki is sexy beast. (I’m just kidding but it was worth a try.  Even if you do think he’s the sexiest beast in the planet, that doesn’t boost your chances.)



First Place: Gets to pick 2 of the prizes listed above.

Second Place: Gets to pick 1 of the prizes listed above.

Third Place: Gets an artwork. 

"Note: You don’t have to pick two different prizes, you can pick two artworks, two plushes or two phone cases."

Deadline: October 20 (This gives me time to finish the previous giveaway)


For once, just for once, can a male flamboyant character have the deepest voice ever imagined.

Me and Vince just saw someone cosplaying Serah from FF XIII and I was so in awe that I loudly said “Man, that cosplay is killer”

and I swear the girl looked back so fast that her neck almost snapped.

Plays: 40 plays

Sorry for the wait labyrinthofleah, I kinda lost my voice and it still sounds like crap but yeah. 

cloudedmarshmallow sent:

I burned the tips of my fingers, but now we laugh about it. I'm really accident prone. So whenever I do something like that again, my family's always like, "At least you didn't melt the wall this time." xD Omg though I hope your hands and arms are OK! Get an icepack and wrap a towel around because it really helps. I'm so sorry that all happened--it's no fun at all! And then make Vincent get you chocolate for the teasing! THIS CALLS FOR CHOCOLATE! *hugs*

Hopefully I can laugh about it later too.

B’aawww thank you so much for the tip and concern :) *hugs*

cloudedmarshmallow sent:

I once melted a wall and two measuring cups and set fire to the tablecloth above a wooden table and burned half an oven mitt, so at least you didn't do all of that in one day! (Unless you did and then hugs because that sucks sooo bad!!)

Oh wow that sounds terrible D: did you get out of it okay?? ironically, i also managed to melt two measuring cups, together with a towel, chopping board and most of my armhair.

labyrinthofleah sent:

If it's any consolation, I almost set the kitchen on fire once, too. It was traumatic. ;A;

At least you understand ;A;